referred to as the ‘HEAL’ program  in this area.   The purpose of  the HEAL program  is to help Audrain County
citizens live a healthier life. The Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS) offered this program to ACHD
in 2014.  The ACHD selected two strategies that were achievable in Audrain County:

1.        Increasing the Number of Breastfeeding Friendly Worksites; and
2.        Promoting Physical Activity in Worksites.

The Missouri
“Breastfeeding Friendly (BFF) Worksite Program” is collaboration between the Missouri DHSS
and the Missouri Breastfeeding Coalition.  These organizations work to educate employers on the value of providing
lactation  support  in the  workplace and to  recognize businesses  that support  their breastfeeding employees.   The
ACHD has worked with  numerous Audrain County worksites and have successfully  helped 43 employers create a
BFF worksite.  These employers have been awarded gold, silver, or bronze level certificates.  The ACHD is ranked
as the #1 county in the State of Missouri in establishing breastfeeding friendly worksites.

Eating a balanced diet and being physically  active are two of  the most important things  you can  do to be and stay
healthy at any  age. In addition to  helping improve the  health of employees, a comprehensive and well-run wellness
program can reduce employee absenteeism, injuries, and healthcare costs while  simultaneously improving employee
morale and productivity.  The ACHD has worked with nine worksites in Audrain County to create  various levels of
worksite wellness initiatives. Some examples of promoting worksite wellness include:  Providing educational materials
and/or fruit and vegetable trays to employees, or introductory short-term YMCA memberships.  Some sites also keep
track of BMI’s, weight, and cholesterol, while others may have added a water bottle refill station. To learn more about
the HEAL program, please call the ACHD or visit the HEAL website:

This project is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Preventive Health and Health Services
Block Grant CFDA Number 93.758.  This information or content and conclusions are those of the author and should
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Healthy Eating Active Living Program
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