ACHD Mission Statement:  

To protect and promote the public health and community well-being of the residents of Audrain County.  

ACHD Vision Statement:

To each individual, every family, and the community as a whole attains the highest degree of health achievable.

ACHD Values Statement:  

The ACHD is committed to the following C.L.E.A.R. values:
Communication, Leadership, Excellence, Accountability, and Respect.

Community Vision & Values:

Responsible and healthful lifestyle choices.
Green space and recreation opportunities throughout the community.  
Air, water, and environmental quality.
Wellness education initiatives in schools, the workplace, at community at large.  
Access to a public health department that encompasses wellness and sick care.
Technology & quality improvement practices for efficient, effective healthcare.
Resources for safety net services and proven fiscal accountability.
A holistic approach to addressing health problems.

Notice of Non‐Discrimination:

Patients/clients will receive quality services without regard to patients’/client’s race, age, color,
creed, sex, marital status, sexual preference, national origin, ancestry, religion, handicap, disability
or HIV status.

This agency does not discriminate, either through contractual or other arrangements, against sexual
orientation, diagnosis/infectious disease, ability to pay and DNR status.

In case of questions, please contact:
Audrain County Health Department
1130 South Elmwood
Mexico, MO 65265
Audrain County Health Department
Public Health: Better Health, Better Missouri.